måndag, september 28, 2009

Secret Sydney

Kicking off the "Jazz" week by unveiling some of Sydneys hidden secrets.

We started of at the Shakespea
At the Shakespeare hotel (pubs and bars are called hotells in Australia), everything on the Menu is 10 dollars, in onther words aboround 50SEK or 5GBP. Its realy good pubfood, generous portions. Old furniture and a good atmosphere.

Dinner at Shakey was just a start though. We where heading to a hidden jazz club. Tucked away on the 5th floor in a run down building all covered in graffiti. No signs revealing its true nature.
I was politely asked not to post the address anywhere so I wont. But I'm happy to take you there if you are interested. This is the first time I have been, but not the last for sure. Today there was a Jazz Quartet doing its Australian tour. Guitar, drums, Saxophone and Double bass.
It was great. People brought a little food and something to drink. The seats are limited, so if you arrive late you will have to make your self comfortable on the cushions on the floor

tisdag, september 08, 2009

Fruit Pash

Hi everyone, long time no see.

This post will be some what a mixed bag.
Last weekend we went on a company ski trip to Persiher. I never thought I would be skiing in australia, but I must admit it was quite good. And comparable to the skiing in Sweden appart from the amount of snow. We also had to dress like super heroes. I was one of the Ninja Turtles (im the one on the far left).

Noeal, Tim, Shaun & Amelie

Jane as Cat Woman

Amar as the Joker

Peak of Blue Cow

Last week my laptop decided to fall appart. Well... not literarly. But the graphics card gave up and the repair cost was abit to close to getting a brand spaking new one. And so I did. I love Apple for their nifty ideas. As my old computer was still running, even though I couldn't see what was going on on the screen, I could still transfer everything on to my new one. So when I was starting it up, everything was installed and ready to go. Perfect!

Last week, me Kat and Ayumi went to supposedly the best japanese noodle restaurant in town. Located in northern part of Sydney called crows nest. The place was very modest looking, but was packed, and there was a cue. The food was excellent. Afterward we decided to walk home and do a stop off at the Opera bar by the opera house to have adrik. There was a Jazz duo playing live on a Fender Rhodes and vocals. They where realy good. When we left walking through the park we saw a lot of possums. Have never seen so many at the same time. They are very cute.

lördag, juni 21, 2008



lördag, november 24, 2007

"Legdags, Alfons O-barg"

Dr. Smuggles

Heile Salassie

Ey Lenin!

Pol Potter



Massagen på Himmelske Fridolfs riddarborg

onsdag, september 05, 2007

Jan G.I Joe

"Pins Charles" av Karl Kalas

onsdag, augusti 08, 2007

Vassego da Gama av Kanyl

Påssjuka av Kanyl

Inälva av Kanyl

Fakira av Kanyl

Borderline Collie av Kanyl

söndag, juli 15, 2007

Fler bär

Fredrik Ljungberg

Twin Peaks-jätten

Twin Peaksbär av Kanyl